A good story, a strong network and a dogged, disciplined effort to get the message through the PR din requires special communication skills. Recently Shaun Markey worked with us to profile and launch the HPCVL (High Performance Virtual Laboratory) in Kingston, ON. Results — national print and media coverage, a PR first for such an event in our community. Thanks Shaun!!

Linda Ross, Manager, Marketing and Communications
Stantive Solutions, Sun Microsystems IMO

Media Relations


Simply put, we help organizations build their profile in the media by helping them generate interesting, compelling stories that get the attention of editors and reporters in the Canadian and North American media.

In business, in government, in the non-profit sector, organizations of all kinds compete for a share of their target audience’s attention. They may want to attract venture capital, recruit key employees or educate their public on a certain issue. But simply competing for attention does not mean that your business or organization is going to achieve success.

For some, media relations means churning out press releases on a weekly basis. For us, media relations means identifying the right story at the right time and communicating that story in an effective way to the appropriate editors and reporters.

Today’s newsroom is deluged with releases. There is a constant and deep stream of information that flows by editors and reporters. The challenge is to make your organization, your message, stand out in such a way that it becomes the one that editors and reporters select for coverage. We can help make that happen.

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