Over the past two years, Shaun Markey has worked with OCM and its marketing partner to maintain OCM's presence in the local media. His work has resulted in an impressive number of media hits, from small news-bites to multi-page editorial spreads, bylined articles in local and trade press, and radio and television interviews. Shaun helps to keep OCM top-of-mind in local and Canadian media.

Michel Jullian, Chairman,
OCM Manufacturing

Communication Audits


In some cases, inefficient communications practices and procedures have become so deeply and widely entrenched in an organization, that you have to go back to a starting point and review an organization‘s entire communications landscape. The process is known as a communications audit and it is best done by an outside expert that brings an objective and professional perspective to your communication efforts.

Based on interviews with key stakeholders in and around your organization, we can help you reorient your communication practices and in so doing become more innovative, strategic and effective.

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