Shaun Markey has been a valuable resource to ICTC in reaching both mainstream and IT focused media. He has written reports that have garnered regional and national attention for our events, labour market reports, project launches and the unveiling of our newly branded organization. Mr. Markey has demonstrated the ability to take our information and produce releases and content that piques the interest of reporters and editors. He has also enhanced our coverage by utilizing a strong network of reporters and editors.

Norm McDevitt, Vice President
Information Communications Technology Council


We have clients in the following service areas:

Media Relations

• Electricity Human Resources Canada
• BioTalent Canada
• Blue Line Innovations
• Infosign Media
• Continovation Services
• Solantro Semiconductor
• Energate
• Eastern Ontario Manufacturers Network
• Algonquin College
• Eclipsall Energy
• Cyrium Technologies
• Group IV Semiconductor
• Wrapped Apps Corporation
• Widesail
• Terrapin Communications
• Acron
• Smart Technologies
• High Performance Computing Virtual Lab (HPCVL) (Kingston, ON)
• Versature
• Calamus Estate Winery
• Objectworld Communications
• ServiceVantage Corporation
• Triacta Power
• Netistix Technologies
• ServiceVantage Corporation
• Roaring Penguin Software
• OCM Manufacturing
• BlueLine Innovations
• Sciemetric Instruments
• Tundra Semiconductor
• Information Technology Association of Canada
• Guardian Mobility
• Ottawa Manufacturers Network
• Shapegrabber Inc.
• Canica Design
• Greenley and Associates
• Calcamar
• University of Ottawa EMBA Program
• Elliptic Semiconductor
• SiGe Semiconductor
• Strategic Microelectronics Consortium (SMC)

Editorial services

• Relogix
• Eastern Ontario Manufacturers Network
• Algonquin College
• National Capital Commission
• Corporations Canada
• ICTC (Information Communications Technology Council)
• Semiconductor Insights
• Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC)
• City of Ottawa
• Calian
• Klocwork

communication audits

• Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)
• City of Ottawa

event planning

• Algonquin College
• Ministry of Economic Development and Trade (MEDT)
• Smart Technologies
• Greenley and Associates
• AEgis Simulation Technologies
• Strategic Microelectronics Corporation
• Syndesis



• Queens University (Launch Lab)
• Invest Ottawa (GrindSpace Program)
• Memorial University (Genesis Centre)
• Tech Alliance of South Western Ontario

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